2020 Counsel of the Year Awards Recap!

“As a relatively new member of AMEC I’m so appreciative it provides us the opportunity to connect over such a niche area of law.”
"I am very honored and grateful for the opportunity to work with such great people. Often, lawyers are behind the scenes. I feel so much gratitude when I see the work we help create and people enjoying it. "
“I’m deeply humbled and honored to be recognized for my work. We know that as entertainment attorney’s we’re the ones who get things done.”
“It speaks volumes [to their care for the profession] that AMEC would recognize innovation in cultivating legal training.”
“AMEC is an incredible organization because it opens doors for young attorneys like me. I want to thank all of you for helping me live my American Dream.” (Vera is from Russia)
“There’s no special sauce to deal-making, no million dollar strategy...it’s about relationships built of trust and respect.”
“It’s clear we’re living in an inflection point in history and within our industry the legal function is the glue that holds the deal together and the engine that propels deals forward.”
“You wonder when you win a lifetime achievement award like this whether the hospice is far behind.. think it’s so important for a group like AMEC to bring together all sides to discuss issues.”
2020 AMEC Counsel of the Year Awards – Recap