Great Work Perks Program

Great Work Perks provides a free online employee discount program to over 3,000 small and large companies, credit unions, nonprofits and trade organizations. Some of our member organizations include Paramount Pictures, St. Johns Hospital, Northrop Grumman, LA Archdiocese, Children’s Hospital, MTV, Siemens, DIRECTV, and the Salvation Army. These companies use our turn-key program to save them time and resources and to improve employee morale. The quality of our perks is unmatched and there are NO upfront costs or hidden fees.

(This offering is neither endorsed nor sponsored by AMEC, but rather provided solely as a membership benefit.) 


Providing value to our members is more important now than ever. One way we want to support our members is to ensure that relevant job opportunities are within reach. 

By using the temporary discount code AMEC2020, you can use our JOB BOARD and submit free job postings through June 30, 2020. Using our job board free of charge for now will you an opportunity to see how it works by increased engagement and awareness about careers with your firm. To sign up free, please sign up here:





Articles on COVID-19 and Entertainment Industry Issues


COVID-19 Entertainment Update: Guidance for Entertainment Companies

The global coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis continues to have a devastating impact across all segments of the entertainment industry. The cancellation or postponement of film and television productions, concerts, sporting events, tours, festivals and other industry events; shuttering of box offices and theater venues around the world; dramatic loss of market value and revenue streams of many studios and entertainment conglomerates; and “stay at home” mandates from state and local authorities have brought much of Hollywood to a standstill and resulted in substantially reduced near-term revenue prospects for the vast majority of companies in or servicing the industry.


International Advertising Self-Regulatory Organizations Issue Statement on Responsible Advertising and COVID-19

The International Council for Ad Self-Regulation, the European Advertising Standards Alliance, and CONARED issued a joint statement on responsible advertising during the COVID-19 health crisis.

Noting that they have seen “advertisements that undermine public health advice or exploit people’s anxieties,” the organizations said that they condemn these practices and are taking action against them. They said that their members are “giving high priority to these claims and can refer non-compliant advertisers who refuse to amend or withdraw their advertisements, where appropriate, to the authorities for legal action.”



Protecting Intellectual Property and Data if Employee Separation is Anticipated

Employment is in flux. Employees are being furloughed or laid off. Employers need to ensure that the intellectual property their engineers, developers, and designers have created is securely owned by the employer and that data security is maintained. Here are some items to consider in light of the pandemic and potential employee, as well as contractor, departures.


AMEC Newsletter May 5, 2020