Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles Toy Donation Program

About Our Toy Donation Program

We welcome your toy donations for our patients. You can’t imagine the difference your gift can make to a hospitalized patient.

To make your drop off as convenient as possible, please call ahead (323-361-1716) to schedule your delivery and I can meet you at the designated drop off area.

Toy Donation Guidelines

To help us maintain patient safety and well-being, we ask that you follow the criteria below:

• To prevent infection, we only accept new and unwrapped items. Additionally, unwrapped gifts ensure that infants, children and adolescents are receiving gifts which are appropriate to their age and developmental levels.

• Toys should be sturdy and free of any parts which may pinch.

• All craft materials (markers, glue, paints, etc.) must be non-toxic.

Our Wish Lists

  • Baby rattles
  • Interactive crib toys/musicals; mobiles that are not cloth/plush based
  • Generic coloring books –- no holiday reference
  • Soft baby dolls –- appropriate for children under three years old
  • Crayons –- all sizes. We have found that Crayola and PlaySkool work the best for our patients.
  • Markers and colored pencils –- all sizes
  • Super hero action figures
  • White artist paper
  • Hello Kitty items
  • Dinosaurs
  • Bubbles (bottles with no attachments)
  • Craft and bead kits
  • Play-Doh (jars with no attachments)
  • Pop-up toys (cause and effect)
  • UNO cards or other card games
  • Bath & Body Works sets for older girls (please no body sprays)
  • L.A. sports team sports swag
  • Balls—footballs, soccer, volleyballs

Gift Cards Welcome Too!

  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • iTunes

Items We Cannot Accept

  • Plush, stuffed animals or any items with small pellets
  • Knitted or crocheted items such as beanies, blankets, clothing
  • VHS tapes
  • Wooden items
  • Glass or brittle plastic toys which can easily break and leave sharp edges
  • Flowers, edible gifts and holiday treats
  • Any items that promote violent and aggressive behavior including video games and DVDS

Thank you for your generosity!

Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles Toy Donation Program