NCAA Makes Next Play in Attempt to Limit Name, Image, and Likeness Activity
Jackson Lewis P.C.
For the first time since the NCAA issued its Interim Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) Policy on July 1, 2021, the NCAA Board of Directors issued new guidance in an attempt to place some limits on the involvement of boosters in the rapidly growing NIL landscape.
The new guidance, issued on May 9, 2022, provides clarity on the limited role of boosters in the recruitment process of a prospective or enrolled student-athlete.
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Beware of the Use of Artificial Intelligence Recruitment and Hiring Tools
Snell & Wilmer
As the use of artificial intelligence recruitment and hiring tools becomes more prevalent, it is important to remember that such processes are subject to anti-discrimination laws. Employers have an obligation to inspect such tools and processes for bias based on any protected class (including disability and age) and should have plans to provide reasonable accommodations during the recruitment and hiring process.
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